Menü Kapat


Notarization of a translated document is a notarized translation. Only translations made by a certified translator can be notarized. After notarized translation, your document can be used before all public authorities anywhere in the world. Notarized translation is generally required for documents issued by public authorities, bearing a public official's signature and a public authority's stamp.
Academic Translation is not required only for translation of "Abstract" of your study but for entire study starting from literature survey to sources used and to the conclusion. Another point that matters a lot about academic translation is "Proofreading". We are prefrred for long years by a wide range of professionals conducting studies in academic field.
Medical translation, in the simplest terms, is vital! As you would never leave your health up to chance, you should never leave your medical translation up to chance in that vein. As for medical translation, even a single letter, a single punctuation matters a lot. Health reports, package inserts, medical investigation reports, radiology reports, as well as user manuals of medical devices can be listed under this category.
Commercial Translation is your window to the world. Articles of Association, Authorization Letters, Power of Attorney, Share Transfer Agreement, Prequalification Letters, Trade Registry Gazettes, Chamber Registration Records, Letters of Credit, EC Conformity, CE Conformity, MSDS and many other similar documents fall within this category.
Legal Translation service is mainly provided to judicial authorities, lawyers and individuals involved in legal transactions. Legal translation is a kind of translation requiring high competence. Foreign service, preliminary proceedings reports, mutual assistance proceedings, extradition proceedings, divorce proceedings, and many other proceedings carried out within the framework of international law are considered in this category.
Technical Translation is required for business fields having their own terminology. It is very important to get made a technical translation through a translator having a good grasp of knowledge in the relevant field. This category includes, without limitation, user manuals, CAT drawings, technical specifications, MSDSs, tender dossiers, operating manuals, and many other technical issues. Kayalı Tercüme teknik tercüme alanında oldukça büyük bir tecrübe ve geniş referansa sahiptir. Gerek yazılı gerekse ardıl tercümelerde yıllardır teknik tercüme alanında hizmet vermekteyiz.
Your website is your window to other markets. Website of the companies which intent to penetrate in Turkish market is the first media to be checked. The layout and the content of as well as the language to be used in your website are most important factors to be regarded by your Turkish customers.
Turkish is a very detailed language full of nuances. If you want to make business in or with a Company in Turkey, you should prefer making communication primarily in Turkish, in order to avoid misunderstandings. At this phase, all you will need is a professional language services provider with a great reputation and an outstanding client portfolio.